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Managing Agrodiversity the Traditional Way

Lessons from West Africa in Sustainable Use of Biodiversity and Related Natural Resources

Edited by Edwin A. Gyasi, Gordana Kranjac-Berisavljevic, Essie T. Blay, and William Oduro

Drawing on nearly ten years of research in West Africa—primarily Ghana—this book shows how farmers are using traditional food production methods that also cultivate and conserve biodiversity on their lands. The contributors highlight interventions by the United Nations University Project on People, Land Management, and Environmental Change (UNU/PLEC) for sustaining agrodiversity for rural livelihoods, as well as lessons for teaching, policy, and development planning. The volume provides valuable lessons for policymakers, practitioners, students, and teachers involved in agriculture, social science, biological science, and other studies relating to environmental or natural resources management and sustainable development.

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