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Lonely Power

Why Russia Has Failed to Become the West and the West is Weary of Russia

By Lilia Shevtsova

Adapted from the Russian edition, this book analyzes the dominant stereotypes and myths that formed during the Putin presidency and that continue to hamper our understanding of Russia’s current situation.

Author Lilia Shevtsova explains the origins of such political clichés as

• Russia is not mature enough for democracy;

• Capitalism first, and democracy will follow;

• The humiliation of Russia by the West is the key cause of their soured relationship;

• Arms talks between Russia and the United States will help to reset the relationship.

Shevtsova argues that an anti-mythology campaign is needed to deepen the understanding of Russia both within the Russian Federation and in the West, as well as to help nations build better policies toward Russia.

Praise for Lilia Shevtsova’s Russia—Lost in Transition

“An excellent volume… highly recommended.”—Choice

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