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Labour Law and Worker Protection in Developing Countries

Edited by Tzehainesh Teklè

This book focuses on the role of labor law systems in the global South. It critically reviews the relevant literature and reflects on the way workers’ protection tends to be conceptualized as well as on the adequacy of the legal categories and tools used to further it. Special attention is given to the effectiveness of labor legislation in promoting gender equality.

The book argues that there is a mismatch between the realities of the developing world and the social, economic, and political underpinnings of labor laws that were developed in post-colonial times. Additionally, changes in the labor market due to globalization have left a significant number of workers falling outside the scope of labor law and needing protection. Against this background, the book explores regulatory and policy responses designed to enhance the scope and application of labor regulation from governments in Latin America, South Asia, and Southern Africa.

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