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Labour in the Global South

Challenges and Alternatives for Workers

Edited by Sarah Mosoetsa

The twenty-first century has posed serious challenges to workers worldwide. It has also brought to the fore extraordinarily creative responses, forcing us to think beyond our common understandings of labor, effective trade union strategies, and forms of power. Challenging the global North’s dominance in the literature, Labour in the Global South presents alternative approaches as well as creative responses to the challenges facing labor in the global South, in countries such as Bangladesh, Brazil, India, South Africa, and Uruguay.

This volume devotes particular attention to areas often neglected by organized labor: the relationship between ecology, climate change, and jobs; unionizing service work; the dynamics of trade union-political party alliances; gender; and new forms of solidarity. It brings together a group of distinguished labor scholars and practitioners who make an important contribution through their rich empirical case studies.

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