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Jago Pakistan / Wake Up, Pakistan

The Report of The Century Foundation International Working Group on Pakistan

By Thomas R. Pickering

Pakistan is at a crossroads. While the threat from al-Qaeda has been diminished, militancy is still a critical, evolving, and growing threat. Pakistan lags behind most of its neighbors in many economic and human development indicators, while its democratic institutions are undercut by recurring civil-military crises and its political class is mired in a paralyzing fight that has crippled its legitimacy and its ability to govern. All of these issues require urgent attention and action by progressive forces within Pakistan, working with a vision shaped and supported in concert with the international community. This working group, chaired by Thomas R. Pickering, and comprised of a broad and diverse assemblage of Pakistani and international figures deeply concerned about the country’s future, believes it is time for Pakistan to wake up to its responsibilities to address these problems and for its international partners to assist where they can.

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