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International Trade Statistics 2013

By World Trade Organization WTO

International Trade Statistics offers an annual overview of the latest developments in world trade. The report provides detailed statistics on trade by region, merchandise trade by product, and trade in commercial services by category.

Each chapter begins with key development section identifying the most salient trends in the data and illustrating the with numerous charts and maps. There is also a methodological chapter that explain essential concepts and definitions used in compiling the statistics, and an appendi with detailed data on trade by region.

International Trade Statistics 2013 will be an invaluable reference for researchers, policymakers, and anyone interested in international trade.


• Introduction

• Acknowledgments

• A Message from the Director-General

• Understanding International Trade Statistics

• WTO Members and Observers

• Composition of Geographical Regions

• Economies by Size of Merchandise Trade

• Economies by Size of Trade in Commercial Services

• Abbreviations and Symbols

• World Trade Developments

• Merchandise Trade

• Trade in Commercial Services

• Composition, Definitions & Methodology

• Appendix: Historical Trends

• Charts

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