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Inspiring Democracy

New Forms of Public Participation

Edited by Dominik Hierlemann, Robert B. Vehrkamp, and Anna Wohlfarth

Democracy lives and thrives on the participation of its citizens. More to the point, without the participation of its citizenry, democracy would not exist at all. Yet traditional avenues for political participation such as elections or involvement in party work are being pursued less and less.

In recent years, numerous new modes of participation have appeared in all the developed democracies, with a focus on dialogue and deliberation. Citizens are becoming involved in politics in ever newer and often more unconventional ways.

Inspiring Democracy presents and compares exciting and effective new means of participation. Informational graphics provide a quick understanding of the different formats. Interviews with experts and practitioners highlight new developments and examples for participation, providing the reader an outlook on the future of democracy and the coming diversity of political participation.

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