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Independence and Revolution in Spanish America

Perspectives and Problems

Edited by Anthony McFarlane and Eduardo Posada-Carbo

The essays in this volume re-examine, from a number of different angles, the process of Independence in Spanish America. The focus is to a large extent on the consequences of the wars of Independence for the newly established republics. However, the first section deals with a critical review of the historiography, the ‘revolutionary’ nature of Independence, and the comparative elements of Independence in the Americas. The remainder of the book examines the development of the wars and the impact that Independence had on political instability, culture, citizenship and the formation of new nations. In addition to general chapters, there are individual chapters devoted to New Granada, Venezuela, Mexico, Chile and Argentina. contributors include: Timothy Anna, University of Manitoba; David Bushnell, formerly University of Florida; Rebecca Earle, University of Warwick; Klaus Gallo, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Buenos Aires; Francois-Xavier Guerra, Sorbonne & University of Paris I; Veronique Hebrard, University of Paris I; Alfredo Jocelyn-Holt, Universities of Santiago de Chile, Talca & Diego Portales; John Lynch, University of London.

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