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In Search of a New Order

Essays on the Politics and Society of Nineteenth-Century Latin America

Edited by Eduardo Posada-Carbo

This collection of essays, the result of the second workshop on nineteenth-century Latin America held at ILAS examines various aspects of the question of ‘order’ in the region after Independence. The volume opens with a chapter by Anthony McFarlane who looks at the first attempts to create a new political order in New Granada in 1810-15. This is followed by papers by Ana María Stuven and Paul Gootenberg discussing how intellectuals perceived the question of ‘order’ in Chile and Peru respectively. In the third section Eduardo Zimmermann and Frédéric Martinez examine aspects of law and order in relation to the judiciary in Buenos Aires and the police in Bogotá. The volume closes with chapters by Carlos Malamud and Guy Thomson who analyse aspects of public order and revolutions in Argentina and Mexico respectively.

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