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Implementing Codes of Conduct

How Businesses Manage Social Performance in Global Supply Chains

By Ivanka Mamic

Based on interviews with hundreds of managers, activists, government officials, factory workers, and workers’ representatives, Implementing Codes of Conduct represents the most extensive research conducted to date into the emerging nature of corporate social responsibility and global supply chains. Its objective is to provide useful examples and lessons learned to companies, policymakers, and others who are interested in implementing their own code of conduct or are actively involved in this field. This book has broad implications for firms that are serious about seeing the social and environmental objectives expressed in their corporate codes become a reality at the supplier level —implications that stretch from the boardroom to the factory floor. The book maps a route from the creation of a vision to its implementation at the operational level. Based on research conducted in the sports footwear, apparel, and retail sectors, this book provides a detailed account of the approaches currently used by leading brands and retailers, with practical suggestions for other companies to follow in addressing social pressures. Given an increasingly clear link between corporate social responsibility and profits, this book is an invaluable tool in assisting those interested in balancing the complex demands of society and competitive concerns.

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