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How’s Life in Your Region

How’s life? The answer can depend on the region in which you live. Many factors that influence people’s well-being are local issues, such as employment, access to health services, pollution, and security. Policies that take into account the regional differences hidden within national averages can therefore have a greater impact on improving well-being for the country as a whole.

This report presents the OECD analytical framework for measuring well-being at the regional level as well as internationally comparable indicators on 9 well-being dimensions for 362 regions across 34 OECD countries. It also provides guidance for all levels of government in using well-being measures to design policies to better target the specific needs of different communities. Drawing on a variety of practical experiences from OECD regions and cities, the report discusses methodological and political solutions for selecting regional well-being outcome indicators, monitoring the progress of regional well-being over time, and implementing a process of multi-stakeholder engagement to promote social change.

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