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Guidelines for Port State Control Officers

Maritime Labour Convention, 2006

By International Labor Office

The guidelines contained in this book are an important international resource for implementing port state responsibilities under the Maritime Labor Convention (MLC), 2006. They were adopted by the ILO in September 2008. These new guidelines provide practical advice to port state control officers (PSCOs) verifying compliance of foreign ships with the requirements of the MLC, 2006.

The book contains

an overview of the special features of the MLC, 2006 and its key concepts;

relates to the required profile of PSCOs under the MLC, 2006;

covers the required review of documents in the case of ships that carry certification under the MLC, 2006;

explains when a more detailed inspection may be carried out;

indicates the basic requirements for compliance;

lists sources of information for checking compliance and examples of deficiencies in the main 14 areas of working and living conditions;

provides guidance for when deficiencies are found and when a ship may have to be detained in port; and

offers advice for handling onshore complaints by seafarers.

Also available in French and Spanish

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