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Green Economy and Good Governance for Sustainable Development

Opportunities, Promises and Concerns

Edited by Jose Antonio Puppim de Oliveira

Much of the debate on green growth and environmental governance tends to be general in nature and is often conceptual or limited to single disciplines. Even though recent discussions on these topics have benefited from the accumulation of empirical and theoretical knowledge over the last few decades, these discussions have not produced the kind of conceptual novelty and tools necessary to place the notion of a green economy within mainstream political, social, and economic agendas. Furthermore, discussions on governance remain mostly in the international sphere with only tenuous talk on governance at the national and subnational levels—the levels at which implementation is key.

Green Economy and Good Governance for Sustainable Development takes stock of the achievements and obstacles toward sustainability over the last twenty years, and it proposes new ideas and changes to create a more sustainable future. The contributors present the gap that can emerge between intentions and results when green initiatives are put into practice and highlight the lack of discussion on important topics such as equity. The book includes in-depth discussion on and analysis of specific issues such as oceans, cities, and biodiversity in order to bring forth solutions that are politically legitimate, socially acceptable, and economically viable.

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