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Greater China’s Quest for Innovation

Edited by Henry S. Rowen, Marguerite Gong Hancock, and William F. Miller

Governments in Greater China (Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore) are striving to create higher valueadded— and homegrown—products, services, and technologies. No longer satisfied with China’s role as the “world’s factory,” the Chinese government calls its effort “Independent Innovation.” Likewise, Taiwanese firms are endeavoring to become global architects of many products, and Hong Kong and Singapore are rising to similar challenges. This book addresses topics at the heart of these efforts: • What specific actions are Greater China’s governments taking to advance their respective competencies? • How do foreign firms bring technologies to them? • How adequate are the pools of talent and how are they changing? • What do patent and publication data tell us about trends in science and technology? • Why are China’s research institutes being reorganized? • What has made a small set of hightech regions so productive? The authors, leading scholars and business people from Greater China, the United States, and Europe, offer valuable insights into the region’s transition from workshop of the world to wellspring of innovation.

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