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Globalization, Flexibilization, and Working Conditions in Asia and the Pacific

Edited by Sangheon Lee and Francois Eyraud

This unique study reviews employment conditions in Asia and the Pacific in the context of globalization and the increasing pressures toward flexibilization. It focuses on the divergent experiences of individual workers regarding their employment conditions —employment status, wages/incomes, working time, work organizations, and health and safety. Along with thematic studies concerning the roles of workers’ voices and labor regulation in determining employment conditions, the book includes country studies from Australia, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, China, and Vietnam that offer a rigorous comparative review. Key features • Systematic review of employment conditions in selected countries of the region • National-level analysis based on a common research framework • Highly analytical and timely analysis of workers’ voices and labor regulation with respect to employment conditions • Microanalysis revealing a detailed picture of individual workers’ conditions in the workplace • In-depth analysis of the ongoing debates on globalization and flexibilization

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