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Globalization and the Market in Higher Education

Quality, Accreditation and Qualifications

Edited by Stamenka Uvalic-Trumbic

As higher education opens up to world markets and the World Trade Organization turns its attention to higher education, quality, accreditation, and qualifications are becoming issues of major concern to university leaders, governments, students, and parents. Can these issues be dealt with in a concerted way? What are national and regional authorities doing to address what promises to be the most important issue since the development of mass higher education? This book examines the possible scope of an international framework in quality assurance and accreditation—and its potential limitations. The authors also discuss the ways governments and universities are responding to the challenge of a global market in higher education. Contributors include Dirk van Damme (University of Ghent, Belgium), John Daniel (UNESCO), Robin Middlehurst (Quality Assurance Agency, UK), Bernard Loing (International Council for Distance Education, Norway), Francisco K. Seddoh (UNESCO), Sjur Bergan (Council of Europe), Vladimir Fillipov (Russian Ministry of Education), Grant McBurnie (Monash University, Australia), Mala Singh (National Higher Education Quality Agency, South Africa), and Jane Knight (OISE, Canada).

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