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Global Value Chains in a Changing World

Edited by Deborah K. Elms and Patrick Low
global value chains in a changing world cover

Global value chains (GVCs) are the international dispersion of design, production, assembly, marketing, and distribution of services, activities, and products. In this volume some of the world’s leading specialists on GVCs examine how these systems have evolved and the challenges they face in a rapidly changing world. The approach is multidisciplinary, with contributions from economists, political scientists, supply chain management specialists, practitioners, and policymakers.

Contributors include Masato Abe (UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific), Nadim Ahmad (OECD), Richard Baldwin (Graduate Institute, Geneva, and Oxford University, UK), Ujal Singh Bhatia (WTO), Henry Birdseye Weil (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Deborah Elms (Temasek Foundation Centre for Trade and Negotiations, RSIS, NTU Singapore), Hubert Escaith (WTO), Michael J. Ferrantino (U.S. International Trade Commission), Victor K. Fung (Fung Global Institute), John Gattorna (University of Technology, Sydney), Gary Gereffi (Duke University), Mark Goh (National University of Singapore), Satoshi Inomata (Institute of Developing Economies, JETRO), Fukunari Kimura (Keio University, Tokyo, and Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia), Robert B. Koopman (U.S. International Trade Commission), Pascal Lamy (WTO) Donald Lessard (MIT), Patrick Low (WTO), William Powers (U.S. International Trade Commission), David Riker (U.S. ITC), Timothy Sturgeon (MIT), Marinos Tsigas (U.S. ITC), and Ganeshan Wignaraja (Asian Development Bank Institute, Tokyo).

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