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From Crisis to Opportunity

Financial Globalization and East Asian Capitalism

Edited by Jongryn Mo and Daniel I. Okimoto

Since the mid-1990s, China, Japan, and Korea have come under severe pressure to restructure and reform their economic systems. In fact, across East Asia governments are attempting to address their structural problems with a variety of reform programs. After several years of their efforts, clear patterns are now emerging. The authors of this book conclude that the interaction between financial globalization and domestic politics is the key to unlocking the reform process. In particular, they address issues important to the study of East Asian political economies—receptivity to financial globalization, financial integration, the convergence or divergence of their economic institutions, and the impact that institutional transformations will have on national competitive advantage and the global economic system. The book identifies and accounts for empirical regularities across East Asian countries and sectors, which previous studies have left largely unexplained. Contributors include Jongryn Mo (Yonsei University), Daniel I. Okimoto (Stanford University), Jennifer Amyx (University of Pennsylvania),Yves Tiberghien (Harvard University and University of British Columbia), Wonhyuk Lim (Korea Development Institute), and Joon-Ho Hahm (Yonsei University).

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