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From Cooperation to Partnership: Moving Beyond the Russia-EU Deadlock

Europe in Dialogue 1/2013

By Bertelsmann Stiftung
from cooperation to partnership cover

The balance between self-assertion of member countries and solidarity of the Union will be the key factor in any debates over shaping the future of the European Union. The Europe in Dialogue series contributes to these debates by critically scrutinizing political concepts, processes, and institutions, and suggesting ways of reforming internal and external European policymaking. To further broaden the debate, the book includes authors from nonmember countries who provide a range of “outside, looking in” perspectives on the issues.


Political Modernisation and European Perspective Russia and the European Union: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

EU-Russia Relations: A Partnership for Modernisation?

Mutual Perceptions and Constructing Identities Russia and the European Union: Identities and Interpretations

Russia and the European Union: From Cooperation to Genuine Partnership—Prospects for Overcoming Stagnation in Bilateral Relations

Joint Economic Interest and Global Impact of EU and Russia The EU-Russia Strategic Partnership: Finding a Way Forward

When Are We Going to Have a Common European Economic Space? Common Economic Interests and the Global Impact of the EU and Russia

Shaping the Agenda of New Russian-European Relations in a Global Perspective The Only Reasonable “Third Way” for Russia

The Systemic Roots of Russia-EU Deadlock

The Future of Russia: From Europe to Eurasia?

The Future of Russia from a Chinese Perspective

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