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France, America and the World

A New Era in Franco-American Relations?

Edited by Daniel S. Hamilton and Michel Foucher

Changes in French and American domestic politics, together with dramatic upheavals on the international scene, offer both opportunities and challenges for a fresh start in the bilateral relationship between France and the United States. In this volume authors and practitioners from both countries offer their perspectives on joint challenges in areas ranging from global economic and security issues to questions of stability in the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and Africa, as well as relations with Russia. The book includes recommendations for a more effective bilateral partnership.

Topics and contributors include Major Strategic Challenges
Leo Michel (Institute for National Strategic Studies, National Defense University) and Bruno Tertrais (Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique)

The Global Economy
Jean-Francois Jamet (World Bank) and Daniel S. Hamilton (Center for Transatlantic Relations) Russia
Celeste Wallander (American University) and Maxime Lefebvre (Permanent Representation of France to the European Union)

The Middle East and the Mediterranean
Jean-Pierre Filiu (Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris), and Ian Lesser (German Marshall Fund of the United States)

Sub-Saharan Africa
Nathalie Delapalme (General Inspector of Finance, Paris) and Gwendolyn Mikell (Georgetown University)

Copublished with the Robert Schuman Foundation

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