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Forward Resilience

Protecting Society in an Interconnected World

Edited by Daniel S. Hamilton

The capacity of a society to anticipate, pre-empt and resolve disruptive challenges to its vital functions has become a high priority for many countries across the Atlantic and around the world. But is resilience enough to deal with disruptive threats in a deeply interconnected world? In this volume, eminent authors argue that state-by-state approaches to resilience are insufficient. Not only must resilience be shared, it must be projected forward, and traditional notions of territorial security must be supplemented with actions to address flow security- protecting critical links tha bind societies to one another. Authors include: Robert Bach, Alyson JK Bailes, Hans Binnendijk, Charlotta Collen, Bjorn Fagersten, Axel Hagelstam, Daniel S. Hamilton, Tomas Jermalavicius, David J. Kaufman, Lorenz Meyer- Minnemann, Piret Pernik, Tim Prior, Mark Rhinard, Tomas Ries, Bengt Sundelius and Anna Wieslander.

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