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Finance and Sustainable Development

Opposition or Partnership?

Edited by Pierre-Andre Chiappori, Jean-Michel Lasry, and Damien Fessler

Economic and financial considerations are often perceived as being antithetical to environmental concerns. Is it possible to reconcile economic development and growth with preservation of the planet and its resources?

The authors of Finance and Sustainable Development believe reconciliation of these two seemingly opposite agendas isn’t just possible—it’s essential. Economic analysis of environmental problems has made considerable progress in recent decades. Growing concerns about sustainable development, and more particularly environmental and climate change, have emphasized the importance of this research.

This book, an outgrowth of the December 2007 conference on “Finance and Sustainable Development: Opposition or Partnership?” brings together many of the leading experts concerned with environmentally friendly growth. Their aim is to provide a better understanding of the long-term issues that must be considered when attempting to create any short-term solutions.

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