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EU Land Markets and the Common Agricultural Policy

By Pavel Ciaian, d’Artis Kancs, and Johan Swinnen

Since 2005, the European Union has provided farmers with subsidies that are not linked directly to production of specific crops, through the single payment scheme (SPS), as part of reforms to its common agricultural policy. This book investigates to what extent the SPS has led to the capitalization of support into land values in the EU.

Economic theory and empirical findings suggest that the way in which agricultural support is provided to farmers has an influence on land markets. Subsidies tend to become capitalized into land values to some degree, affecting both the sales and rental prices of land. These effects in turn have a bearing on the transfer efficiency of the support and structural change in agriculture.

Drawing from a combination of data sources, 11 country and 18 regional studies, this extensive empirical analysis offers preliminary findings of the reaction of EU land markets and asset values to the changes in EU policy.

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