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Environmental Governance for Sustainable Development

East Asian Perspectives

Edited by Akihisa Mori

In order to advance sustainable development, it is crucial to change the course and mode of conventional economic growth in East Asia, which has enjoyed rapid economic growth of late but faces substantial environmental challenges.

This volume focuses on the evolution of multilevel environmental governance in the East Asian region, including both Northeast and Southeast Asia. It examines how effective emerging environmental governance and policy have been and addresses the underlying causes of local, national, regional, and global environmental challenges. Specific topics include democratization and its effect on decisionmaking processes, international environmental aid, economic analysis of carbon reduction policy, regional and global environmental regimes and subsequent new financial mechanisms, and hybrid systems of environmental governance that emphasize the role of the private sector and civil society in contributing to environmental governance.

The book gives special attention to the regional economic and environmental regimes. It analyzes the advantages; challenges; and solutions in addressing local, national, regional, and global environmental challenges and in changing the course of economic growth.

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