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Enhancing the EU-Brazil Strategic Partnership

Edited by Michael Emerson, Susanne Gratius, and Giovanni Grevi

The result of a joint project involving European and Brazilian scholars, this book examines ways to enhance the significance of the strategic partnership between the European Union and Brazil. It explores such key topics as • Addressing global macro-financial issues in the wake of the euro crisis • Trade relations • Climate change • Comparative regionalism • Paradigms for foreign policy The book looks at the partnership as a test case of how two players in the new multi-polar context can search for common positions on key issues of global governance. The EU and Brazil have reasonably promising grounds for working together and sharing democratic political values and common cultural roots, but Brazil is also an active member of the BRICS grouping, whose other members (notably China and Russia, but also India and South Africa) often take very different positions. The major world players are now involved in a burgeoning process of extraordinary complexity, at both multilateral and bilateral levels, searching for alliances in the shaping of a new world order. This book, limited to the bilateral EU-Brazil relationship, serves to cast clearer light on the issues.

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