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Energy Security and Climate Change

By John Deutch, Anne Lauvergeon, and Widhyawan Prawiraatmadja

In this book, authors from North America, Europe, and Pacific Asia enter the controversial debate of how to meet growing energy demands while minimizing the subsequent impact on global warming. John Deutch offers a tour d’horizon of global energy issues and climate change that also provides analysis of U.S. domestic energy politics. Anne Lauvergeon summarizes the European viewpoint on these issues and makes a detailed and forceful case for large-scale concentration on nuclear power development within an enhanced nonproliferation framework. Widhyawan Prawiraatmadja proposes mechanisms for increasing regional energy security that take into consideration Pacific Asia’s broad geography, fast-paced development, and infrastructure requirements. Energy Security and Climate Change is both a careful analysis of global remedies and an appreciation of regional approaches that can be devised to meet common challenges. Although the United States, Europe, and Pacific Asia have differing energy needs, this book reveals that they show surprising congruence in their proposed solutions.

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