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Energy Insecurity in Asia

Challenges, Solutions, and Renewable Energy

Edited by Naoyuki Yoshino, Farhad Taghizadeh-Hesary, Youngho Chang, and Thai-Ha Le
Cvr: Energy Insecurity in Asia

Unlike energy security, energy insecurity has not been extensively studied. While energy security is broadly understood to represent the securing of energy resources, mere physical availability does not necessarily mean that the resources can reach end users. Energy insecurity is not merely a mirror image of energy security, given the diverse consequences and impacts of the unavailability of energy for households.

Energy Insecurity in Asia will identify the challenges and explore potential solutions in the context of energy insecurity in Asia. The book consists of two parts. Part I provides thematic and regional studies and solutions for dealing with energy insecurity in different Asian subregions. Part II discusses the importance of renewable energy in addressing energy insecurity and presents several country case studies. There are many factors that countries investing in renewables must consider, such as energy security, climate change mitigation, and reducing air pollution. This book is a timely and valuable resource for researchers and policymakers. It provides insightful case studies and offers practical policy recommendations for solving energy insecurity in Asia and in other regions.

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