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Economic Policy Reforms

Going for Growth

By Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD

This book takes stock of the progress made by OECD member countries in implementing policy reforms and suggests future priorities for each. It examines how states with weak labor utilization, as some European countries, could increase labor force participation and thus raise living standards. The publication also discusses how countries with comparatively low labor productivity, such as Japan, could reduce their income gap relative to the leading countries. It also suggests policy priorities for strongly performing countries. Economic Policy Reforms provides a rich set of recent comparative indicators covering structural policy areas such as labor markets, education, and product market regulation. These indicators enable countries to see their economic performance and structural policies in comparison with others. In addition, the book contains four analytical chapters covering: Trends in product market regulation in OECD countries, including recent indicators The effects of pension schemes on the labor-force participation of older workers The trends and determinants of the labor-force participation of women The long-term budgetary implications of tax-favored retirement saving plans

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