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Cvr: Economia Spring 2019

This semiannual journal from the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association (LACEA) provides a forum for influential economists and policymakers from the region to share high-quality research directly applied to policy issues within and among those countries.

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Informality and Optimal Public Policy
David Bardey and Daniel Mejía

Consumers as VAT “Evaders”: Incidence, Social Bias, and Correlates in Colombia
Leopoldo Fergusson, Carlos Molina, and Juan Felipe Riaño

Contagion, Spillover, and Interdependence
Roberto Rigobón

Do Gender Disparities Exist Despite a Negative Gender Earnings Gap?
José Caraballo-Cueto and Eileen Segarra-Alméstica

Resource Windfalls and Public Sector Employment: Evidence from Municipalities in Chile
Felipe Larraín and Oscar Perelló

Cash, Conditions, and Child Development: Experimental Evidence from a Cash Transfer Program in Honduras
Florencia Lopez Boo and John Creamer

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