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Cvr: Economia Fall 2018

This semiannual journal from the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association (LACEA) provides a forum for influential economists and policymakers from the region to share high-quality research directly applied to policy issues within and among those countries.


1. Cash Transfers in Latin America: Effects on Poverty and Redistribution

Verónica Amarante and Martín Brun

2. How Sensitive Is Regional Poverty Measurement in Latin America to the Value of the Poverty Line?

R. Andrés Castañeda, Santiago Garriga, Leonardo Gasparini, Leonardo R. Lucchetti, and Daniel Valderrama

3. Homicides and the Age of Criminal Responsibility: A Density Discontinuity Approach

Francisco J. M. Costa, João S. de Faria, Felipe S. Iachan, and Bárbara Caballero

4. Fool’s Gold: The Impact of Venezuelan Currency Devaluations on Multinational Stock Prices

Dany Bahar, Carlos A. Molina, and Miguel Angel Santos

5. Downward Wage Rigidities in the Mexican Labor Market: 1996–2011

Laura Juarez and Daniel Casarin de la Cabada

6. I Sell My Vote, and So What? Incidence, Social Bias, and Correlates of Clientelism in Colombia

Leopoldo Fergusson, Carlos Molina, and Juan Felipe Riaño

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