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Economia: Fall 2004

Journal of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association

Edited by Andrés Velasco

This semiannual journal from the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association (LACEA) provides a forum for influential economists and policymakers from the region to share high-quality research directly applied to policy issues within and among those countries.

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Contents Include:

• The Impact of the Basel Accord on Bank Credit Growth: A Cross-Country Study, Ralph Chami and Adolfo Barajas (IMF) and Thomas Cosimano (University of Notre Dame)

•Distributional Effects of Crises: The Financial Channel, Marina Halac and Sergio L. Schmukler (World Bank)

• Growth and Adjustment in East Asia and Latin America, José De Gregorio (Banco Central de Chile) and Jong-Wha Lee (Korea University)

• Labor Market Adjustment in Chile, Kevin Cowan, Alejandro Micco, and Carmen Pages (IADB)

• A Menu of Minimum Wage Variables for Evaluating Wage and Employment Effects: Evidence from Brazil, Sara Lemos (University of Leicester)

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