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Economía: Fall 2016

Journal of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association

Edited by Carlos Vegh, Raquel Bernal, Marcela Eslava, Julian Messina, Alexander Monge-Naranjo, Ugo Panizza, and Sergio Urzúa

This semiannual journal from the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association (LACEA) provides a forum for influential economists and policymakers from the region to share high-quality research directly applied to policy issues within and among those countries.

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Firm Dynamics and Productivity: TFPQ, TFPR, and Demand Side Factors (John Haltiwanger)

Firm Size and Development (Hugo Hopenhayn)

Comments (Diego Restuccia)

Optimal Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Expenditures in Environmentally Small Economies (Omar Chisari, Sebastian Galiani, and Sebastian Miller)

School Infrastructure and Educational Outcomes: A Literature Review, with Special Reference to Latin America (Ana Cuesta, Paul Glewwe, and Brooke Krause)

Effects of Nutrition Promotion on Child Growth in El Alto, Bolivia: Results from a Geographic Discontinuity Design (Gaston Gertner, Julia Johannsen, and Sebastian Martinez)

Nowcasting Mexico’s Short-Term GDP Growth in Real-Time: A Factor Model versus Professional Forecasters (Marcelo Delajara, Federico Hernández Álvarez, and Abel Rodríguez Tirado)

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