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East Asia at a Crossroads

Edited by Jusuf Wanandi and Tadashi Yamamoto

Efforts to build an East Asia community have gained momentum over the past decade. In a period of dynamic change and shifting balances of power, regional leaders seek to strengthen cooperation and stabilize relations between countries. While community building is still at an early stage, there is a growing sense it has reached a historic crossroads: it can be further advanced or alternatively succumb to the region’s many disparities and emerging rivalries. In E ast Asia at a Crossroads, leading policy experts from inside and outside the region analyze the dynamics of community building. The contributors propose ways of moving forward to enhance regional peace and prosperity while strengthening East Asia’s capacity to meet its growing global responsibilities. Contributors include Jesus Estanislao (Institute of Corporate Directors and the Institute for Solidarity in Asia), Carolina G. Hernandez (University of the Philippines and Institute for Strategic and Development Studies), Frank Jannuzi (U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations), Karl Kaiser (Harvard University), Qin Yaqing (China Foreign Affairs University), Rizal Sukma (CSIS Jakarta), and Hitoshi Tanaka (JCIE).

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