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Development Prospects in Cuba

An Agenda in the Making

Edited by Pedro Monreal

The 1990s witnessed significant changes in the Cuban economy. The first half of the decade focused on obtaining the adjustments necessary to enable the country to overcome the profound economic crisis that had befallen it. The second half was characterized by the reality and possibilities of economic recovery. This volume may be the first academic text specifically written to assess the development perspectives of Cuba in the new conditions that prevail. The overarching question is “What comes after recovery?” The authors deal with questions of immediate relevance to the Cuban economy and its recent past, with emphasis placed on the implications for long-term prospects for development. This reflects the conviction that solutions to the challenge of development will require longer periods of analysis and different areas of focus than those which have served as the temporal and conceptual references for recent studies of the island’s economy. Contributors include Julio Carranza, Anicia García, Hiram Marquetti, Lázaro Peña, Omar Everleny Perez, and Julio Díaz Vázquez (University of Havana), Claes Brundenius (Centre for Development Research, Copenhagen), David Dapice (Tufts University and Harvard University), Francisco León (United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean), and Mauricio de Miranda (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia).

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