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The Development Co-operation Report (DCR) is the key annual reference document for analysis and statistics on trends in international development cooperation. Previous Reports focused on how to achieve the United Nations’ series of Millennium Development Goals, which will expire in 2015. This year, the DCR focuses on how to mobilize the necessary financial resources to implement the challenges created by a post-2015 development framework. The framework for establishing future goals consists of eleven elements:

Outcomes including principles underlying future goals 1. Measuring what you treasure and keeping poverty at the heart of development

2. Developing a universal measure of educational success

3. Achieving gender equality and women’s empowerment

4. Integrating sustainability into development

Tools for achieving existing goals and developing future goals 5. Strengthening national statistical systems

6. Building effective institutions and accountability mechanisms

7. Developing and promoting peace and statebuilding goals

8. Ensuring policy coherence for development

9. Sharing knowledge and engaging in policy dialogue and mutual learning

10. Promoting the Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation

11. Measuring and monitoring development finance

The Report provides recommendations on how to implement this agenda through a global and holistic approach.

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