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Deciding in the Dark

By Vincent Desportes and Bruno Cuche

Recent military operations have demonstrated that even themost sophisticated twenty-first century technologies do not enable commanders to be perfectly informed, act with certainty, prevent disorder, or avoid unforeseen situations. Therefore, military leaders must learn to elaborate and conduct actions while accepting uncertainty.

In Deciding in the Dark, Major General Vincent Desportes gives military and civilian leaders essential keys for success in action. General Desportes believes that consistent victory relies on two basic principles: a belief in man and the flexibility of systems. He proposes that commanders be given an established “freedom of action” that allows them to take initiatives and adapt quickly to changing conditions during a mission. It is also critical that the military systems they work within are simple and flexible enough to allow for easy adaptation to the changing environment.

This book offers a universal approach of great interest to all who are involved in war, in whatever environment, and who are constantly confronted by the unexpected.

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