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World Commodity Yearbook 2009

Edited by Phillipe Chalmin

World commodity markets experienced an extraordinary year in 2008. In July, hectic financial markets sent prices for commodities including oil, freight, metals, and food seven times higher than they were at the end of the twentieth century. Weeks later, everything collapsed, and most prices lost between half and two-thirds of their values. In September, with the fall of Lehman Brothers, the financial crisis took a new twist and the world entered the deepest recession it has known since World War II.

The 23rd edition of CyclOpe offers an exhaustive analysis of tensions on the main global markets, from finance to agriculture and from energy to metals. It is an ideal reader’s guide to this many-faceted crisis.

CyclOpe 2009 also covers the Doha Round and its deliberations, the development of the carbon emissions markets, soaring art prices, and the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy. It analyzes all the planet’s markets—from apples to zirconium.

CyclOpe is produced by an international team of researchers and experts under the direction of Philippe Chalmin, professor of economics at the University of Paris Dauphine, and is supported by more than twenty European firms.

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