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Cross-Border Social Dialogue and Agreements

An Emerging Global Industrial Relations Framework?

Edited by Konstantinos Papadakis

Globalization has widened the scope of multinational enterprises, or MNEs, making them increasingly transnational. At the same time, social actors such as trade unions, social movements, nongovernmental organizations, and consumers’ organizations, have remained mostly at the national level. This great mismatch in range of operations has made negotiating between the two extremely difficult if not impossible. In response, private initiatives have appeared, including international framework agreements (IFAs). IFAs are the outcome of negotiations between individual MNEs and global union federations. They are intended to promote principles of labor relations and conditions of work and to organize a common labor relations framework at the cross-border level. This volume examines various facets of IFAs and looks at other efforts to introduce a global “social floor.” It also addresses relevant issues such as the possibility of cross-border solidarity action as a complement to cross-border dialogue.

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