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The Cost of Coercion

Global Report under the Follow-Up to the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, 2009

By International Labor Office

This report sheds new light on forced labor in today’s global economy. It examines the daunting challenges faced by the many actors and institutions involved in a global alliance against forced labor, from the conceptual and political to the legal, juridical, and institutional. It shows how challenges have been met so far, often with the support or involvement of the ILO, and points to substantial examples of good practice that can guide future efforts. It highlights the need for administrations and inspectorates to be at the forefront of action against forced labor and human trafficking, complementing other law enforcement and prevention mechanisms.

The report expands on the estimates of the 2005 Global Report on forced labor—that put the total number at 12.3 million people worldwide and calculated the profits generated in one year by trafficked forced laborers at 32 billion dollars. These figures still form the most accurate estimate of the extent of forced labor worldwide. This report reveals new figures focusing on the cost of coercion to the victims of forced labor.

Also available in French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, German and Russian.

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