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Corporate Responsibility in Europe

Government Involvement in Sector-Specific Initiatives

Edited by Thomas Beschorner, Thomas Hajduk, and Samuil Simeonov

Governments have become increasingly aware of the potential contribution that a business can make to the public good by living up to its corporate responsibility (CR). But businesses differ by size, ownership structure, and sector. It is the sector, in particular, that largely determines how companies identify common risks and create mutual windows of opportunity through collective action. So how do governments take into account sector-related differences when they try to promote CR among industries? What are good examples of sector-specific instruments and policies? What lessons can be learned, and what challenges lie ahead?

This study explores sector-specific corporate responsibility. It analyzes specific examples of how national, regional, and local authorities foster CR in the chemicals and chemical products industry, wholesale and retail trade, construction, information and communication technologies, and financial services industries across eight European countries (Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK).

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