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Corporate Accountability and Trust

Thoughts from 12 Top Managers

Edited by Patrick de Cambourg

For what are companies responsible, and to whom? Their shareholders only? Their staff? Or to society as a whole?

Corporate responsibility is at the core of today’s economic and societal debates. Twelve high-level international executives, coming from different continents and with different cultural backgrounds, share their own visions of corporate responsibility and explain how the recognition and acceptance (or denial) of responsibility has modified the organization and functioning of large multinationals, as well as the way they do their jobs. These managers are

• César Alierta, CEO of Telefonica
• Alessandro Benetton, Benetton Group
• Martin Bouygues, Bouygues Group
• Henri de Castries, CEO of AXA
• Adi Godrej, CEO of the Godrej Group
• Stephen Green, CEO of the HSBC Group
• Daniel Janssen, Solway Group
• Martin Roman, CEO of CEZ
• Arun Sarin, CEO of Vodafone
• Ernest-Antoine Seillière, Wendel Investissement
•Werner Wenning, Bayer AG
• Yuanqing Yang, Lenovo

In addition, Nicole Notat (president of Vigeo corporate social responsibility rating), Pierre Tapie (managing director of the ESSEC Group), and professor Gilbert Lenssen (president of EABIS, the European Academy for Business in Society) discuss corporate responsibility and the part it will play in the future thanks to the training currently being given to the managers of tomorrow.

This book will be of interest to businesspeople, social activists, scholars, and students interested in the relationship between business and society.

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