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Constitutionalising the Security Union

Effectiveness, Rule of Law and Rights in Countering Terrorism and Crime

Edited by Sergio Carrera and Valsamis Mitsilegas; Foreword by Julian King

This book offers a multidisciplinary examination of the critical issues and challenges associated with the EU’s initiative to build a Security Union, particularly in relation to common policies adopted at the member state level aimed at countering terrorism and crime. It delves into EU efforts to support cross-border investigations, the exchange of information and international cooperation, taking stock of the effects on freedom and privacy.

The various authors in this collective volume offer key research findings, which contributed to the European Commission’s 2017 Comprehensive Assessment of EU Security Policy. They identify and explore the main constitutional dilemmas facing the Security Union concerning EU standards enshrined in the Lisbon Treaty and the commitments undertaken in the context of the EU Better Regulation agenda. Hence, this timely examination of EU security policies sheds light on their effectiveness, proportionality, fundamental rights and societal implications.

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