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Competing for Global Talent

Edited by Christiane Kuptsch and Eng Fong Pang

Global talent has never been more mobile or sought after. A complex phenomenon that takes many forms, the movement of people with skills includes migrants, students, and even tourists and refugees who decide to stay abroad. Countries attracting global talent increasetheir stock of human and technological skills, and in the past decade many have welcomed foreign professionals and students to redress domestic skill shortages and to quicken economic growth. This book discusses the experiences of skilled migration in Australia, India, Japan, Singapore, the U.K., and the United States. It addresses the socioeconomic and cultural challenges created by increased mobility in a world where globalizing and localizing forces are at work simultaneously. Competing for Global Talent provides a deeper understanding of the indirect ways in which talent crosses borders, and of the factors that contribute to the effective design and implementation of policies and programs to attract global talent. Just as skilled foreigners can end up in a country via a variety of routes, there are also different successful ways to attract foreign talent and maximize their contributions to a country’s development.

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