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Gender gaps are pervasive in all walks of economic life. They imply large losses in terms of foregone productivity and living standards to individuals and the economy as a whole. This OECD report focuses on the best ways to close these gender gaps, under four broad headings: gender equality, social norms and public policies, gender equality in education, and employment and entrepreneurship.

Here are some of the key policy messages:

• Greater gender equality in educational attainment has a strong positive effect on economic growth.

• Stereotyping needs to be addressed in educational choices at school from a young age.

• Good and affordable childcare is a key factor for achieving better gender equality in employment. But change also has to happen at home, as the bulk of housework and caring is still left to women in many countries.

• Support policies for women-owned enterprises need to target all existing firms, not just start-ups and small enterprises. Equal access to finance for male and female entrepreneurs needs to be ensured.

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