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Cities are part of the climate change problem, but they are also a key part of the solution. As the hubs of economic activity, cities drive the vast majority of the world’s energy use and are major contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions. Cities are also most vulnerable to the impacts of climate changes such as rising sea levels, hotter weather, and fiercer storms.

Cities and Climate Change reveals the importance of addressing climate change across all levels of government. The book analyzes trends in urbanization, economic growth, energy use, and climate change. It explores the economic benefits of climate action, the role of urban policies in reducing energy demand, and frameworks for multilevel governance of climate change including engagement with relevant stakeholders. It examines the contribution of cities to “green growth” in terms of the “greening” of fiscal policies, innovation, and jobs. It concludes with examples of policy tools and best practices from both OECD and some nonmember countries.

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