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China’s Strategy for the ‘Network Domain’

Edited by David Cohen

On March 25, 2014, the Jamestown Foundation organized a panel on China’s Network Domain for its annual China Defense and Security Conference. In Chinese Views of Offense and Defense in the Network Domain, Joe McReynolds describes how the “network domain” differs from “cyber war” and how Chinese military thinkers approach deterrence and escalation in network war. · In The Role of Computer Network Exploitation, Peter Mattis explains how hacking fits in with traditional intelligence gathering and strategic practices and how it has made China a “first-rate intelligence power.”

· In The Chinese Approach to Defending Cyberspace, Leigh Ann Ragland profiles Xu Rongsheng, China’s first cybersecurity expert, and discusses the bureaucratic challenges that have stymied the efforts of the Chinese government to develop a strategy for defending its networks.

· In Chinese Cyber War Up Close: The View from Taiwan, Russell Hsiao draws lessons from Taiwan’s 15 years of experience with network attacks from mainland China.

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