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China in the Global Economy

Environment, Water Resources and Agricultural Policies: Lessons from China and OECD Countries

By Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD

In June 2006, the OECD and the Chinese government invited specialists on China’s agri-environmental issues and policies to address the following questions: • How can balance be achieved between the objectives of expanding food production, raising rural welfare, opening up the domestic market to international trade, and protecting the environment? • How might policy measures be changed toward market-based policy instruments to ensure that polluters pay and providers of environmental benefits are rewarded? • What would be the best policy mix in China combining taxes and payments, regulations, and voluntary and stakeholder participation in watershed and land resource management to further environmental and social objectives, and long-term sustainability? This book, containing the experts’ responses along with issues raised during their debates, offers a timely analytical overview of current thinking on environmental and agricultural policy in China.

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