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Challenges to Trilateral Cooperation

The Trilateral Commission Tokyo Plenary Meeting 2006

By Trilateral Commission

Foreword Opening Remarks by Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi
I. Facing New Challenges to the International Community
1. In search of New Global Frameworks for Energy Security
2. International Trade and the Doha Round after Hong Kong
3. The New Challenges of Nuclear Proliferation: Excerpts from the Task Force Report
II. Whither Pacific Asia?
4. Economic Reform, Rising Nationalism, and Japan’s Changing Role in the World
5. Prospects for East Asia Community III. Domestic Dynamics and International Relations
6. Europe’s International Dynamics: Absent Without Leave?
7. The Impact of Domestic Politics on U.S. Foreign and Security Policy
8. Engaging with Russia: The Next Phase: Excerpts from the Task Force Report Program

Contributions by: Junichiro Koizumi, Steven E. Koonin, Naoki Tanaka, Stefano Silvestri, Paul A. Volcker, Peter D. Sutherland, Naronchai Akrasanee, Kakutaro Kitashiro, Yoichi Nishimura, Yasuhisa Shiozaki, Bill Emmott, Gerald Curtis, Akihiko Tanaka, Qin Yaqing, Soogil Young, Barry Desker, Otto Graf Lambsdorff, and Thomas S. Foley. Also included: foreword by Henry A. Kissinger from Trilateral Task Force Report #60, Nuclear Proliferation: Risk and Responsibility; and concluding chapter from Trilateral Task Force Report # 59, Engaging with Russia: The Next Phase by Roderic Lyne, Strobe Talbott, and Koji Watanabe.

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