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Building Sustainable Peace

Edited by Tom Keating and W. Andy Knight

As the world turns its attention to the reconstruction of Afghanistan and Iraq, the issue of postconflict peacebuilding takes center stage. As envisioned by former UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali, this will include disarming warring parties, restoring order, decommissioning and destroying weapons, repatriating refugees, providing advisory and training support for security personnel, monitoring elections, demilitarization, providing technical assistance, advancing efforts to protect human rights, reforming and strengthening institutions of governance—including assistance in monitoring and supervising electoral processes—and promoting formal and informal participation in the political process. Building Sustainable Peace presents a timely and original overview of the field of peace studies. It offers analytical tools that promote a critical reconceptualization of peace and conflict, as well as examples of peace-building strategies employed in recent international conflicts.

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