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Breaking through the Glass Ceiling

Women in Management

By Linda Wirth

Women around the world have achieved higher levels of education than ever before and today represent more than 40 percent of the global workforce. Yet their share of management positions remains unacceptably low. This timely study reviews the changing position of women in the labor market and in professional and managerial work. It examines the obstacles to women’s career development and the action taken to improve their opportunities and promote gender equality. This report discusses the earnings gap between men and women, as well as the occupational segregation that exists in management. It examines the situation of women managers in the area of public service as well as the financial, business, and banking sectors, while providing valuable figures and statistical information. Useful career strategies are offered including mentoring, networking, and career tracking approaches. This important study provides a vivid photograph of national and international efforts to improve gender equality in management.

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